British Civilization An Introduction

John Oakland
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The eighth edition of this highly-praised textbook has been substantially updated and revised to provide students of British studies with the perfect introduction to Britain, its country and people, politics and government, education, economy, media, arts and religion. It includes:

discussion of recent developments and areas of topical interest in British society such as immigration, the recession, devolution and the Scottish Referendum and Britain’s relationships with the US and the EU
coverage of the 2015 general election and its implications for the future
new full-colour illustrations
exercises and questions to stimulate class discussion
insights into the attitudes of British people today towards important issues
updated suggestions for further reading and useful websites.

Supported by a fully updated companion website (found at featuring further exercises, quiz questions, an interactive timeline, links to relevant articles and videos online and tutor guidance, British Civilization is a vital introduction to the crucial and complex identities of Britain past and present.

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Dział / Departement Książki i czasopisma / Bücher und Zeitschriften
Autor / Author John Oakland
Tytuł / Titel British Civilization
Podtytuł / Untertitel An Introduction
Język / Sprache angielski
Wydawca / Herausgeber Routledge
Rok wydania / Erscheinungsjahr 2015
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Liczba stron / Seiten 374
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