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This box set of the 50 books in the new Penguin Modern series celebrates the pioneering spirit of the Penguin Modern Classics list and its iconic authors. Including avant-garde essays, radical polemics, newly translated poetry and great fiction, here are brilliant and diverse voices from across the globe. Ground-breaking and original in their day, their words still have the power to move, challenge and inspire.

Letter from Birmingham Jail
Telivision Was a Baby…
The Breakthrough
The Custard Heart
Three Japanese Short Stories
The Veiled Woman
Notes on Nationalism
Not Waving But Drowning
The Three Electroknights
The Great Hunter
The Legend of the Sleepers
The Black Ball
The September Petronella
Investigations of a Dog
Daydream and Drunkenness
An Advertisement For Toothpaste
Create Dangerously
The Vigilante
I Have More Souls Than One
The Missing Girl
Four Russian Short Stories
The Distance of the Moon
Tender Buttons
The Skeletons Holiday
The Finger
The End
New York City in 1979
Africa's Tarnished Name
Notes on Camp
The Red Tenda of Bologna
The Gigolo
Glittering City
Piers of the Homeless Night
Why Do You Wear a Cheap Watch
The Duke in his Domain
Leaving the Yellow House
The Cracked Looking Glass
Nothing Personal
Letter to my Mother
Death The Barber
The Problem That Has No Name
The Dialogue of Two Snails
Of Dogs and Walls
Madame du Deffand and the Idiots
The Haunted Boy
The Garden of Forking Paths
The Survivor
Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer

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